How to kick off a new blog?

This is it, I’m pushing the boat out and getting in, after more procrastinating then a student facing an essay deadline, I’m writing my first blog post.

One of the many problems I’ve had in attempting to start a blog is content.  What to go for as a first post? Bold and incisive social commentary? Humourous anecdote and witty observance of life’s peculiarity?  Or a bog-standard explanation of why I decided to start a blog.  No prizes for guessing which one I’ve plumped for…

Why blog then?  I don’t have any great expectations of gaining more than a few readers, but I hope some friends will stop by for a read every now and then.  I’m sure my wife will read it, because she’s lovely and does that kind of thing.  One of the main things is an avenue for self-expression, a place where I can process the many and varied thoughts that go through my head (usually at inconvenient, pen-free times such as walking to the train station) and get them down in a format that starts to make a bit more sense than a meandering train of thought.  With any luck, it’ll make sense to others too and will be of some use in helping people think things through too.

I feel I should also explain the title too.  I’m not claiming to be so possessed with such craftmanship with words that every carefully selected phrase comes laced with rhetorical dynamite.  That would be really quite arrogant.  In fact, it’s the name of the radio show I co-hosted with the marvellous Colin Thomas (who blogs here) at Warwick University on the student radio station, RaW.  I think the gist of it was that I was dangerous (usually involving destroying parts of the studio), while he rose above my chaos with his articulate wit.  Furthermore, if you had any idea of how long it took to decide on a nam for this blog, then you’d realise that this is a vast improvement on some of the more desperate ideas I had (‘The James Lee Bugle’ anyone? Kidding. Mostly.)

See the About page for more info about me and what I do with my life, but for now I hope you come back again soon to read more!  Here’s hoping that I’ll also be back in that time to conjure up some blogging magic for your delectation too.


2 thoughts on “How to kick off a new blog?

  1. Just hoved over from Col’s blog to wish you well with your new one! I’ve loved blogging for nearly four years now, and it has led to all manner of exciting things, like being quoted on the back of books and meeting Jo Brand… happy blogging!

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