The Apprentice meets Lego…

Warning: Those who haven’t been watching this season of The Apprentice may find the following videos confusing!

I had the good fortune the other week to discover a series of videos on YouTube by the highly talented ‘BolegBros‘ doing amazing things with audio from the latest episodes of the Apprentice and animated Lego characters.  Enjoy watching their offerings for Series 7 below: Continue reading


How (Not) to Teach Children about God

Mrs Lee was looking for some nice children’s songs to play to Boaz the other day and came across an album called ‘Sunday School Sing Alongs’ on Spotify.  You might think, ‘What could be more harmless than that?’ Well, indeed, that’s what she thought.  The first song in the album is entitled ‘Open Up Your Heart and Let the Sun Shine In’.  How utterly lovely!  That is, until you start to listen to it…

The first words are:
‘Mommy told me something
a little kid should know.
It’s all about the devil
and I’ve learned to hate him so.’

What?! That’s how you open your song for children. Really? ‘It’s all about the devil’.  Sure, that’s the way to warm their hearts and inspire their young minds in their journey in faith: get them obsessed with Satan and looking for him under every rock.  Even allowing for the fact that it’s probably a good idea for children to be aware of the devil, I’m pretty sure that it’s not ‘all about’ him.
Other gems later on in the song include the mildly terrifying, ‘When you are unhappy,
the devil wears a grin’ (better watch out if you fall and scratch your knee. It might hurt a bit, but that’s nothing compared to having the Prince of Darkness on your case if you start crying, so get smiling. Now!) and the pastorally sensitive ‘Smilers never lose and frowners never win.’  Man, that Jesus guy was such a loser in Gethsemane, wasn’t he?  Not to mention David in the Psalms (what a wimp!) or Jeremiah in Lamentations (lighten up a bit!).
Overall, I’d probably advise against unleashing this travesty of a song on your children or Sunday School anytime soon.  To top it all in the weirdness stakes, here’s the song as sung by Pebbles and Bamm Bamm from the Flintstones. Bizarre.

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